About Us


Svamitva Architecture Studio is an architectural and interior design studio. We are a team of dynamic architects, engineers, contractors, and interior designers who’ve come together to transform your dreams into reality! We pride ourselves in offering solutions that will make your spaces reverberate with an identity of its own. These modern, affordable, and sustainable solutions will not only set your spaces apart, but also give it the warmth to attract positive energies.
World over, the architecture and design domain has seen an unprecedented growth. So, with an endeavor to cater to the needs of those outside of the Indian subcontinent, we have collaborated with international partners and have begun laying the foundation of becoming formidable players within the global design arena. With presence in Germany already, SAS has set sail towards extending our services worldwide.

At SAS, we do not just build spaces, we build dreams!

Company history:

The story of Svamitva Architecture Studio is no different than that of a tree, which requires a firm root to prosper.

Our parent company, The Svamitva Group, has been in the market since the last 30 years, excelling in the business of real estate and construction. Use of top-of-the-line technology and careful planning has allowed them to carry out various large-scale projects successfully.

We, at SAS, have drawn our strengths from The Svamitva Group and have learnt meticulous time and resource management techniques. Several such practices that we’ve imbibed have allowed us to win the confidence of our clients, undertake major projects of our own, and carry them out with utmost precision.

Valuable association:

‘Diversity feeds creativity’

With the world becoming one, thanks to globalization, Svamitva Architecture Studio’s consistent effort is to evolve into a studio with global excellence. To achieve this goal, we have entered into strategic international collaborations and partnerships that catapult our aim of meeting worldwide standards of competence as well as quality in every project we undertake.

We’re able to offer diversity in our concepts, designs, and work culture by embracing the differences and coming up with innovative designs. Supported by competent design consultants in Germany, we are equipped to bring the world at your doorstep one design at a time.

Our Team

Akshay Mehta

An ambitious and enthusiastic architect with global experience in design. His vast knowledge of the industry and formidable entrepreneurial acumen is the driving force behind Svamitva Architecture Studio. He has graduated from RV College of Architecture, Bengaluru and holds work experience with renowned architecture consultants and firms across India and USA. He regularly participates in technology and design workshops across India and Dubai, and believes that learning can come at anytime, from anywhere. Owing to his progressive outlook, Akshay firmly believes that global collaboration is the way forward – an ideology that echoes in all that SAS represents. His passion for design and knowledge for technology strengthens the team’s calibre.

Yash Mehta

Yash Mehta is a meticulous individual with a keen eye for detail and execution. Apart for graduating from RV College of Architecture, he has worked with various architects from Ahmedabad and Bangalore. He is an avid traveler and has done various internships across the globe. His constant research and experimentation in the field is a unique factor that contributes in a major way to the team

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