Co. Lab

Date               November 2019
Location                  –
Client             Unknown
Area               25,000 sq.ft.
Category        Commercial

Problem statement was to design a Commercial space (Developer) in midst of hustle-and-bustle commercial zone of Malleshwaram. Since it’s a developer project we proposed an open and flexible plan that can modify them as per tenant needs. Where they can have any kind of commercial Activity with very few alternations in future. As floor plan the elevation also, we visualized to have a simple, contemporary and dynamic façade which can be dynamic in nature during special occasions with the help colorful lights due to transparent nature of material. Building will stand out in surroundings at daytime due to its simplicity and Night time due Dynamic nature. Due to its contemporary elevation Building will give scope for branding on elevation.

Building frontage landscape developed with the idea of connecting back to Road by creating entry staircase Area like a small Public space where people can come and take a small break from their shopping.