house of temple

House of Temple Tree

Date               September 2019
Location         Electronic City, Bangalore
Client             Mr Piyush
Area               5000sqft
Category        Residential

The ‘House of the Temple Tree’, as its name suggests, is built around central courtyards with the iconic plant. The courtyards serve another function – to give a sense of verticality to the space. They elucidate the feeling that all levels are connected visually, but with a degree of privacy. The open design of the staircase adds to this effect.

The spaces are illuminated with natural light during the day with the use of skylights and artisanal brickwork. The louvers and the staggered brick patterns in the prior have been designed to portray a natural tapestry of light over the common areas on the lower floor through the implementation of sciography. The sunlight provides a dynamic element to the otherwise sedentary and calming design.

The use of vegetation stands in the forefront of the project and is easily the first thing that is noticed when one walks into the residence. The central transition space that amalgamates an abundance of flora, masks the underlying intention of providing passive ventilation, through the sheer ambience attained. The spaces warp and weave with each other to create an artwork of sorts to the beholder.