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House of Temple Tree

Date               September 2019
Location                  –
Client             Unknown
Area               5000sqft
Category        Residential

The traditional courtyard concept was implemented vertically as per the client’s ideation to stick to his roots. The playful arrangement of the spaces created a central breakout zone which acts as a transition in between the levels.

In this design strategy, the transitional spaces such as the staircase and double height space form an axis that provides a visual connectivity. This transition space allows the people to connect visually not just horizontally but also vertically.

This common transition on the floors has segregated the active and passive spaces of a residence. All the spaces are lit with the natural light blushing the rare walls with interesting sciography throughout the day via the skylight. This is defined by the play of light and vision. This double height brings natural light into each room and space when the sunlight pours down in the middle of the building and creates a sense of vertical dynamic feel.