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Humble Lives

Date               Dec, 2019
Location         Bangalore
Client             Unknown
Area               2,00,000 sqft
Category        Residential

Humble Lives a Premium class gated community in the city of Bangalore. It’s a Developer’s Project with an Objective to Build A Humble Community surrounded by Lush Green Forest Cover. Though it’s a Development Project, the client Doesn’t want to disturb the ecology around. Due to Site sensitive conditions, we have decided to choose our design Approach to contextualize with the surroundings in a Humble Way. the material palette, colour palette and landscape palette we choose closer to nature.

In Master plan Design we Designed units in such a way to reflect the eco-village concept without boundaries in between Units this Helps us to protects the maximum Number of Vegetation. Few units plan customized to site conditions to protect ecology. Paver walkway designs across the master plan reflect the village theme at the same time to encourage the community to use for a jog and walk. All units are designed in such a way to become part of the surroundings and Designed language maintained across the site to Bring Humbleness. Like Master plan, Unit plans also designed to incorporate nature part of Unit in the form of gardens, Courtyards, stone paver parking pads, plants, skylights, etc.

Internal parts of the unit, visually and physically connected with surroundings and spaces within. Villa unit connected over the courtyard where from living all Spaces in the house connected visually and skylight Above. In Villament model Ground Floor unit living connected physically and visually. First Floor living connected all Spaces visually Physically over the courtyard and the skylight above. All Unit plans in this Projected inward-looking at the same time outward-looking.