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Rurban village / Rajasthan Villa

Date                Jan, 2020
Location          Siwana, Rajasthan
Client               Ashok Bhansali
Area                80,000 sqft
Category         Residential

It’s a Gated Community Project in Rajasthan. Due to hot and arid Conditions of Rajasthan Our design approach was first to resolve climatic issues In Unit Design by Using sunshades, jail window Designs, blank walls and small openings, lime plasters walls, etc. Material pallet and colour palette were Inspired from the surrounding Traditional & Vernacular houses. All Setback areas of unit plans were designed with landscape and plants which can influence the micro-climate of the site and improve passive ventilation. Site Frontage Area designed with a small garden area to relax in the evenings and Raised low Height compound wall to interact with neighbours which were also Got inspired by local Architecture.

Overall Planning of site was conceptualized like a village with open units, raised Platforms in front of the house for more interactions across Habitats. Similarly, Units elevation is consciously made similar to each other to maintain similar design Language throughout the community to reflect a Rurban community.