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Stack Apartment

Date               June 2019
Location         Bangalore
Client             Mr Francis
Area               10,000 sq.ft.
Category        Residential

It’s a typical Developer premium Housing project, As Name Suggested we developed spacious Units with very lit and well-ventilated Rooms with Balconies facing towards Road. Since the site is small, we developed a plan with 3 Grids horizontally which was later translated to elevation and become a predominant feature of building with a stack of projected planter boxes, balconies, Brickwork.

Projected Planter boxes were designed next to the bedroom to establish a connection with nature and maintain privacy, projected balcony next to dining to come out and enjoy the view in the evenings, brick artwork next to the kitchen which covers the blank wall of the kitchen and stand out as a design element on façade. Since the above all stacks were projected from the building, they act like Buffer space from the west sun.