Date               February 2020
Location         Siwana, Rajasthan
Category        Residentail
Client              Mr Ashok Bhansali
Area               1,00,000 sq.ft.

The ‘Wellspring Villa Complex’ is situated in a hot and arid region of Rajasthan. The design features various passive climatic control strategies. The use of large sunshades, jail windows and thick walls with small openings all help regulate the indoor climate of the dwellings. Traditional materials like lime plaster have proven to be effective against the aridity and hence have been extensively used in the residence.

The colour palette was inspired from the rich vernacular of the region. The landscaping and vegetation were planned with emphasis to managing the micro-climate on site in our favour. The small garden and low compound walls impart a feeling of openness to each residence while maintaining a degree of privacy.

The overall planning of site was conceptualized like a village, with units that open up towards the front, with raised platforms for more interactions across habitats. Similarly, the units’ elevations are consciously made to mimic each other to maintain a homogeneous design language throughout the colony to reflect a rurban community.