Date               January 2020
Location         Goregaon,Mumbai
Category        Residential
Area               3,00,000 sq.ft

The “Alpine” tower is located in the heart of Mumbai, amidst the hustle of the city’s ever growing skyline. The vistas along the building exterior open up to the city, while maintaining a respectful distance for the sake of the inhabitants’ privacy through the use of shrubbery. This creates an air of exclusivity and swank to the otherwise clean and straightforward design.

The idea for having lush greenery in the balconies arose from the yearning to create a unique aesthetic, while maintaining the intrinsic value of the neighbourhood. The double height floors provide a disconnect from the teeming city below. They serve as intra-interaction spaces within the individual apartments. The lush vegetation on the balconies adds a visual element to this separation.

The lower levels are designated for parking. This is done to ensure ample garage facilities for the residents in the busy neighbourhood. This also elevates the residences to a generous distance over the unfaltering city traffic. The vertical louvers that appear prominently at the base accentuate and enhance the perception of building height.