Date               February 2020
Location         HSR Layout
Category        Commercial
Client              RMD
Area               10,00,000 sq.ft

‘Eminence’ Tech Park is a culmination of the principles and ideas of the S A Studio Design Team. The ‘social concept’ has been developed with the stakeholders in mind. The design prioritizes promoting social interaction through the introduction of various recreational spaces, including plazas and multiple ‘cubes’ of flexible interactive spaces through the floors.

Pedestrian and vehicular movement has been carefully articulated through a multi-tier approach that includes spatial planning, mass circulation and visual focal points. The aim is to provide uninterrupted access to the occupants and visitors, both – seamless entry and exit, to and from the site, while keeping the process as simple and effortless to the user.

The ‘Urban Street’ includes shaded walkways, seating spaces and small food stalls for the occupants. The recreational plaza blends with this ‘street’ to create a large open space for non-work related activities. The avenue is overseen from multiple ‘Social Cubes’ and hence becomes a point of convergence for extra-curricular activities.